Workforce is one of the main resources for the successful business growth and business development. Workforce is the main resource of power for the business. Employing a good team of employees can drive the business to success in relatively short time without losses. Unfortunately, finding and employing good prospects and employees for the employment is not an easy task. It might take a lot of time to screen and interview all the prospects for the position and there are lots of cases when employers can’t find the proper candidate as there isn’t one. Most of the times, if you have a qualified candidate you have to make sure that he/she is not only qualified with the skills but also fits to the environment and also has the right personal traits and characteristics.

Employing workforce is very important as with the increase in team business has higher potential of achieving new levels of business and developing stronger position on the market.  Hiring skilful candidates is the best way to go! However, there are times when people are willing to change the industry and are looking for the new possibilities in other environment. In this case if you don’t see any skills that can match what’s needed for the job yet, you like candidate’s personal traits, you have to look for the transferable skills.

Transferable skills are the skills that can be brought from one job to another. As an example, we can use math skills. Math skills can be transferable as it doesn’t matter what will be counted apple or oranges it’s the same techniques that are used. Also, transferable skills are very flexible and can be used in any environment.

Let’s go over an example: SMB owner is looking for a new sales staff, he/she has an interview and passes two final candidates for the final hiring decision. In addition, one of them is from the same industry and has all the knowledge and the training on the needed products, but has a very “dry” personality. Second sales rep has transferable skills such as ability to sell and a proven record of increasing the profit as well as an added value of good personal characteristics, however lacks the knowledge on the product side as comes from the different industry.

It is a typical situation that almost every hr or management personal encounter when making a hiring decision. My personal suggestion is to hire the second candidate, as he/she has something unique as personal traits and great transferable selling skills. One can learn almost anything and hiring person with a good character is essential to the organizational development.