I stands for Imagine.  This is the beginning of anything.  Unless you are clear on what it is that you want, the likelihood of success is minimal.  Your Imagine doesn’t change because this is the big picture that comes from deep inside.  Think of it as your personal mission statement.

(If you follow the arrows, you will notice that there is a line that goes to Enjoy from every step.  That is because everyone needs to reward themselves when they accomplish something.  In this instance, after you have written your mission statement, you have accomplished something, so you should reward yourself and Enjoy your accomplishment.  Enjoy is a very important step in The IMAGE Success system, and we will talk more about that in the issues to follow.)

M stands for Manage.  This is basically the project plan of your Imagine.  How you are going to make your Imagine come true.  This is your most detailed step and may or may not change (if you see the arrows, Grow goes back up to Manage).  This is most definitely a project management step.  You need to be your own project manager – or find one to help you.

(In the system, after you got your plan done, you will Enjoy again!)

A stands for Act.  Nothing will ever happen to those that do not take action.  You’ve spent all of this time Imagining and Managing so don’t let your desire for success falter!  Take action – one step at a time.  (And don’t forget to Enjoy after each step!)

G stands for Grow.  The IMAGE Success System is a process.  As we Act, we learn and grow:

  •    We might realize that maybe we need things to happen more quickly than what is on our Manage plan;
  •    Maybe there has been a change in your personal situation,
  •    Or, maybe this was so easy, you want to do it again!

Whatever it is, you will learn something.

Make sure you recognize what it is and adjust accordingly.

And then what??

The last step – E is for Enjoy!

That’s it.  That is the basic process of The IMAGE Success System.  Do you see how you can use this for anything?  In the coming weeks, we will discuss each step in more detail, so get a journal / notebook ready!

I will also be opening up a few slots for a free 15 minute success session and presenting the detailed overview of The IMAGE Success System during a teleconference in the next few weeks as well.  Stay tuned!

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